How does it Work?

• Before the event, a preliminary meeting is held with our professional designer in which you choose and customize the frame, text, color theme and any additional graphic element you wish to appear on the Photo Favours®.


• We guide and support you all the way. It’s all so easy, tailored exactly to your needs and tastes.


• On the day of your special occasion we will arrive fully equipped at the set time and will quietly set up our stylish display in a pre-determined area of the venue.


• Our staff are well presented according to your requirements and dress code of the event. Our photographers do not carry any special devices or gear except for professional photography equipment.


• At the set time, our photographer will start taking photos of the guests in a quiet and dignified manner.



• The Photo Favours® printing is performed in our custom mobile office parked outside near the venue. There will be no interruption to the normal flow of the event. The process is quiet and unobtrusive.


• The Photo Favours will be presented to your guests on a special display system from which they can choose and take the Photo Favours that they are interested in (usually the ones they appear in).



• Whether you're planning to hold the event at home, outdoors, or at a dedicated venue we can customize our stylish, high quality and flexible display system to integrate into your event’s theme, display a personal message to your guests or display any other custom graphics.


At the end of your event you will receive a DVD featuring all the photos that were taken during the event.


If you have any additional questions please read our frequently asked questions page or don't hesitate to contact us here.

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